Roller Derby Tryouts

Thought I would post something about me other than sewing to spice up my blog. I’ve been roller skating for about 22 years now. Since I was about 7 years old, when I first learned to skate. Also I spent about 12 hours a week at the skating rink in middle school because I loved skating and had no friends. I would even roll pennies to come up with the money for admission. I didn’t even get my own skates until I was about 18 years old, so I invested a lot of money into rental skates though out the years. 

Recently after my last artshow a derby girl on skates rolled up to me as I was packing up my stuff. She handed me a flyer for Derby tryouts. I’d heard of derby but had never seen a match. I always thought it would be fun thought, since I’m a skater. 

I went to the bout they has that week with a friend and was blow away by the sport and started seriously concidering going out for it. The Arizona Roller Girls league tryouts were held yesterday. I was suprised at how many girls showed up, about tweenty of us in all. The derby girls were really nice and easy to talk to. All of us did our best, there was even a fifty year old lady just learning to skate for the first time, but that’s how bad she wanted to derby. 

I had a great time! I always forget how much I love skating till I get out on the floor. I’m always happiest on my skates. Well I’ll find out if I got in sometime in the next week. Wish me luck. You never know, I could be designing a line of Roller Derby costumes and accessories soon. 😀 

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