My serger

So I bought a Husqvarna Viking Huskylock 936 about 5 years ago. It has never really worked right since I bought it. I got it served a few weeks ago for the first time and when I got it back I still couldn’t use it. Needless to say I was beyond frustrated at this point because I’ve has this $1500 paperweight for too long for it to still not work. I took it back and all of a sudden it needs a part they didn’t notice was bad the last time. They only charged me for the part the second time, which was fine but it still totaled out to be about $200 in service and parts. Anyway I got it home day before yesterday and couldn’t bring myself to hook it up right away for fear that it still would work. Last night I finally decided I wanted to use my serger so I hook it all up, connect everything, thread it the way I was thought in the class and viola it worked! It worked the first time which means it wasn’t me! That made me so happy because all this time I was sure I was doing something wrong. But it wasn’t me! Now I get to finally learn how to use my serger. I had a little problem with the left needle thread braking, I thought it might be the tension so I adjusted it and that seemed to help a little but I think the cheap $2 thread I’m using might have something to do with it. 


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