New embroidery design

I probably spent about 6 or so hours digitizing this pattern. I took the top left rose that was a design already in my software and mirrored it. Then copied just the flower and some of the petals, shrank it and rotated it to make the center flower. That’s pretty easy right? Wrong, there were jump stitches EVERYWHERE! I spent the majority of the time on this reorganizing the pieces of the flowers so that I would get the least amount of jump stitches possible. It was hard because each tiny line of the flower was a separate object. Trying to figure out how to reorganize them was a pain in the ass for sure. But once I figured it it was easy to see what needed to be done. This is the biggest design I’ve ever done the whole thing is one color,  35,112 stitches which took 78mins to stitch out but it came out perfect on my first try. I’m so excited that I’m getting better at digitizing and embroidery in general. 





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