So I went to Bookmans today to support a friend at an event and while there I started wandering around. I love book stores so I knew I was going to walk away with something. I looked everywhere for the craft section and it just didn’t seem to exist but I knew it was around there somewhere. I ended up checking out the “new age” section. As a former Wiccan I like to see what new Wicca books are out there, even though I already have several books on the subject. One can never have too many books on any subject, I feel. After that I went into the next section and wouldn’t you know there was the craft section. I thought I would never find it. I was only going to get one book, but you know how that goes. I ended up with three. I found this amazing book on textile techniques. It shows you how to do things like tie-die, felting, weaving, and openwork. Honestly the openwork is what sold me on this book. I decided to get the t-shirt book because I’m trying to change up my wardrobe cause it seems all I own is big t-shirts. Maybe I can girlify my clothes a little and have some cuter stuff to wear, now that I have an awesome hair style. I wasn’t going to buy anything but I found the book on Tailoring and just knew it was a must have, since I’m trying to start making clothes. I was to make sure they fit good and look right so tailoring is exactly how to do that.


What are your favorite sewing books? Why would you recommend them?

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