Cheap and easy pattern weights.

Found these awesome little felt cakes at Target for $3and they inspired me to make pattern weights. If your like me you need pattern weights but aren’t willing to pay the outrageous prices they want to charge for them in the stores. $10 for 4 is outrageous to me. Dritz pattern weights I have several other types of makeshift pattern weights that I’ve used. My mom ate my last set of pattern weight, they were cans of tuna. They work really well. Anyway, I saw these tiny cakes and thought they would make great pattern weights so I took them home bought some rice and got to work. All I did was cut open the hand stitched end on the bottom of the cakes. Remove the foam. Stuffed it with the rice until it was nice and firm. Then stitched it back together. It took me less than 10 minutes to do all six. Now I have a set of 6 pattern weights for about $4. 




I got brown rice cause it was on sale for $0.75 not because I wanted healthier cakes. 😀Image


Opened bottom.Image

Removed foam.Image

Filled with rice.Image


Here are some of my other makeshift weights. The letter ones actual paper weights I got from Micheal’s for $2.50 each then the snow globs on the right I bought I 75% off at Borders books many years ago. Both work very well as pattern weights. Image


What do you used as pattern weights?



5 thoughts on “Cheap and easy pattern weights.

  1. This made me totes LOL! “I got brown rice cause it was on sale for $0.75 not because I wanted healthier cakes”

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