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So my friend “Hummingbird” owns a flight suit that he loves.  He wears it for all sorts of things, from dicking around his apartment while wearing aviator sunglasses to keeping the insulation off of him while he rewires his latest project house.  For reference, I’m pretty sure it’s a Nomex flight suit (based on the construction), but I haven’t exactly checked the tags to make sure.  ^_^

In the course of him doing whatever the hell it is he does when he gets things done, he lost a 2-4 zipper teeth on the lower part of the zippered front.  Being the hummingbird that he is, everything came apart in fairly short order & was given up for lost, left on the floor of one of the rooms in his project house.  Being the fixer that I am, I told him it was totally repairable.

BustedDoubleZipper01--problemHad it been a plastic/nylon…

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