New years resolution

So my new years resolution is to update my blog once a week and to create one new item a month. I was going to say one new item a week be I feel that’s very unrealistic for me, so at least once a month should be good. I think I might start adding some more personal touches to my blog so my customers can get to know me a little more. I guess that’s the point of a blog in the first place or at least the point of my blog. I think last year facebook stole my will to blog. It seems I spend more time doing that then anything else. I think I should change that habit. Once a week to blog and once a week for facebook. I think that should be enough. Does anyone have any suggestions for content? I think part of my problem is that I’ll make a blog post and then I’ll post a link to it in facebook. Or i’ll post the same thing I blog about in my facebook or other social media. I think maybe I should start blogging about one thing and facebook about something different. Maybe facebook should have the “topic” in a post but my blog would have the “information” about that topic. So there is different kinds of information on both places but they are similar. This all makes more sense in my head than it does once I started writing it out. I feel I might be rambling so maybe I should stop. My point is that this blog is back up and running now. 2014 will be the year of my blog. 


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