I find myself putting off a lot of things that need to get done, all the time, it’s simply because I don’t want to do them. I often have to force myself to start projects, clean my house, or even feed myself. It’s not fun when I don’t feel like doing anything. Something I started doing last year was telling myself “you don’t have to finish it, just start…” It works for the most part because my problem is starting things. However, I find that once I’ve started something I’ll keep doing it until it’s done. Very rarely do I stop in the middle and say fuck it, I’m done with this. I came across an article today that has encouraged me to continue my simple habit in a new way since “just start” stopped working for me. This article which I have linked below is about taking two minutes to do something. Seeing what you can do in two minutes, and starting to do something for two minutes. Doing something for two minutes will make you see how easy it is to get little things done quickly and start bigger things. 

A few years ago I started playing Roller Derby as a hobby since I love roller skating. Well we play the game in Two minute increments called Jams. One thing we always say to each other when we’re practice and it’s hard or we don’t want to start a drill is “you can do anything for two minutes” this has always stuck with me. When you think about it, it’s very true. Try to think of something so horrible you couldn’t even last two minutes doing it. I think I could be tortured for two minutes and be okay. That’s a bit drastic but sometimes things we “have” to do feel like torture so that analogy makes sense. I’m going to start setting a timer for things I need to do (like the dishes) and see how much I can get done in two minutes or see what I can work on for two minutes that may lead to finished something. I’m very excited for this and I’m glad I came across that article this morning I needed a reminder of how simple life can be.


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