In a quest to get organized and simplify the way I live and do things, I decided to downgrade my smartphone to an old school regular slider style phone. This decision has been looming for a while and yesterday I made it official. I went into the Verizon store and told them to turn off my smartphone and turn on my old school phone. They were a little like “what?” then I explained my reasoning. A few days ago I was sitting in a restaurant with my sister and I looked around, all the people were checking their phones and not really relating to each other. This is something I’ve started to notice more and more. People can no longer just sit in a place and enjoy the company of others. They have to constantly detract them selves with checking their texts, or emails, or Facebook. We’ve become a society of distracted people. Then I was sitting at my computer the other day and I got an email four different devices made noise to alert me to this fact. My computer made a noise, my smartphone, my tablet, and my laptop. It occurred to me right then how ridiculous it was that I had so many things connected to the internet. I decided that I simply don’t need to be THAT connect to anything. I found that I was too co-depended on my devices and that the sounds they made sent me running over to them as if something was that important. Nothing is EVER THAT IMPORTANT to receive only via email! If it was important someone would call me. So there you have it. For someone who sits in front of my computer most of the day or at least has access to it there is no reason to have multiple mobile devices that alert me to everything all the time. Now I’ll use only my computer for email and social media when at home and I have my tablet for when I’m not home. I really do not need a phone that is a computer also. Not only that but my smartphone would often freeze if I was running an app and a call came in. To the point where I couldn’t even answer the phone. A lot of times my contacts got deleted randomly. I’ve tried to make calls and its busy doing nine other things so it wont even open the phone app. Basically my smartphone wasn’t acting much like a phone. So I went back to basics and got me a phone that is just a phone. 




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