Continued effort to get organization.

So since Organization is kind of my theme for this year I decided to make myself a portfolio for my calendar and notepad. I made one a few years ago for my business partner and he love his. I’ve been on the look out for a portfolio for myself. Mainly because it was a lot of work to make the first one for my business partner and the design of it wasn’t quite right for what I needed. I’m left handed and the one I made was right handed. Not only that but I needed to add a place for my notebook and a larger pocket to hold my tablet or any books I might need. You can see have designing a whole new portfolio was a daunting task. So I just waiting and tried to see if I could find something in the stores so I wouldn’t have to make it myself. Well, after almost a year of searching for the “right portfolio” I realized they’re all designed for right handed people with no option for a left handed writing situation. In every single portfolio I’ve come across the slot for the pad of paper or calendar is on the right and the misc. pockets for pens and what not are on the left. This was very frustrating. So I gave in and finally design a portfolio specifically for me and my needs. I took some time and thought about what kind of pockets I needed and where they should be placed. After that I came up with the pattern idea. Last night around 11pm I couldn’t sleep and wasn’t tired and was suddenly inspired (or rather tired of not having a portfolio) that I just set out and started working it. Before I knew it it was 3:30am and I was done. Here is my newest creation my business portfolio. 











2 thoughts on “Continued effort to get organization.

    1. Thank you! This whole portfolio was made with straight lines of stitching so its not as complected as it seems. However, I used vinyl so it’s not something a regular sewing machine can handle. I have a industrial heavy duty leather machine that makes these easier to create. If you used a different fabric like a medium weight cotton you could definitely use a regular sewing machine for this project.

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