I love my work

So now that LuLu is finished work is getting back to normal. Which is a little boring. I forgot how much I miss making costumes and pulling all nighters to get them done before an event. I really wish I had more creative stuff to do. However, when I was only doing creative stuff I didn’t get much done. If I sit and wait until the “mood” strikes I’ll never do anything. That’s the main reason why the creative stuff is not lucrative for me. Don’t get me wrong I love my work. Contract sewing is fun and changes enough to keep things fresh and not too dull. I’ve worked for manufacturing companies doing the same thing all day. Literally sewing the same type of thing all day long! It killed my soul. Doing so many different kinds of sewing things, helps shake up the monotony that comes with sewing for others. Then every so often I get some crazy awesome requests that make my job extra fun. For instance, a few weeks ago I made a dog bed out of AstroTurf. Not the whole thing, just the top part. That was fun and it came out great but boy was it a pain in the ass to sew. Thankfully my Brother industrial walking foot is a beast!  Even though I don’t do as much super creative sewing as I would like my business does bring in some interesting project and pushes me to think outside the box and test and learn thing I would not have otherwise.

Skyler testing out the finished dog bed 
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