Moving time again

I’m moving my shop again. It’s gone from one machine on a table in my living room to the master bedroom of a different house. To the dining area of that house. To the whole bedroom of an apartment. Then into the living room of that apartment. Then into the one side a two car garage. Then I finally got a 500 square foot commercial space and that’s where my shop has lived for almost two years now! I’m really proud of my little shop but it’s time to relocate once again! This time back into my home. My new location will have a master addition that has outdoor access so I can keep my shop and my home separate. I’m super excited about it but it’s going to be a LOT of work to get everything ready to move. I have to go from 500sqft to about 200sqft again. My house closes on January 2nd so I have one month to downsize and pack up both my shop and my current home and keep up with the Christmas rush! It’s going to be a crazy month! Wish me luck!

Here are some progress pictures of the shop move.



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