Roses are red…

Have a client who has had me putting floral embroidery on a lot of ready-made clothes lately. This is a rose design I’m making for her. I couldn’t find a built-in rose file in my embroidery software. It comes with so many pre-made designs that I am really surprised it didn’t have a basic rose. I found this embroidery design picture of a full rose and re-digitized it into the different parts, the rose head, the stems, and the leaves.


I liked the way the shadowing in the rose is created by the stitch design. The stitch type is a Satin Special. It’s used for pieces that are too wide for a satin stitch to look good or stitch out correctly. It creates one or two stitches across the width of the design and gives it those dimples.

This is how my rose came out. I did it with only one color to save some time embroidering it.

Rose bud

After creating the head of the rose, I took the vines off the original picture and played around with some different sized roses. I ended up adding more thorns and changing the leave directions to make it a bit more interesting.

Rose vine

I’m still not finished with the designs. I’ll probably make a separate, just vines, design so that way I can place some vines on the garment near or connecting two different designs.

Custom Apron

It is always really interesting to see my customers ideas. This custom apron job came to me via a reference from my mail man. I had done some alterations for him and when he heard someone was looking for a seamstress he recommended me. I love hear how people found me. I get a lot of word of mouth business. This apron was a custom request for the owner of a local barber shop. He’s young and the barber shop is modern and trendy. At first when he said he wan’t leather and rabbit fur I was a little put off by it. But it’s what he wanted and I can work in leather. When he brought me the fabric I wasn’t sure how good it would come out because of the combination of fabrics. But when you do custom work, you do what the customer wants and curb your own style. The only time I ever nah-say a customers ideas is when it’s more difficult to construct or there might be construction issues. However, it’s more of an advisory regarding extra cost for a longer sewing time or some construction issue like two fabrics not being able to be sewn together because it might be too bulky or unappealing to the eye. This was one of those situations. I was concerned about the thickness of the leather suede material and the rabbit fur pockets. It was tricky and I advise him that lining the rabbit fur pockets with another layer of rabbit fur would be thick. Which is was, but it wasn’t impossible to sew. I was able to make it work. He wanted it to be black and red. I had some thin pig suede lying around so I added the red stripe to the top, the pockets, and the bottom. Just to break up the black a little. It came out a lot better than I thought it would. I still have mixed feelings about the rabbit fur pockets. For one, I had a moment while sewing them, when I thought about what it was I was really working with. It made me very sad when I thought about all the bunnies that died for these pockets. I don’t think I want to work in real fur anymore. But other than that this outrageous idea came out better than I thought it would and I actually like it. #arizona #contractsewing #mesa #seamstressproblems  #seamtress #sewing #wolfchilddesigns


Mermaid Costume Continued: Shell bra

I’m not an artist I’m a seamstress so it’s no wonder that painting is not my forte. I’m not happy with the way the shells for my costume came out but I think I’m going to deal with it because I don’t have time to find real shells or to order a pre-made shell bra. Here are some progress pictures of the shell top. I used a heat gun to mold the craft foam into the shell shape.

Cutting out the shape


Before and after shaping with the heat gun


Color reference and finished shell.



Finished bra with shells attached to top. I think I’m going to cover the bra with some of the same material from the tail so it’s doesn’t look like I covered a bikini top even though that’s what I did.


First project-Tailored Shirt

Our first project in my clothing construction class was a tailor shirt with a two piece collar and front panel. I must admit this class is a little below my skill level, I already know 90% of what she teaches us. The reason I’m taking it is one; to get back into the good graces of the financial aid department. Two; to have someone holding me accountable for my work. With a teacher there to judge your work and make you re-do the mistakes your less likely to just say fuck it when it comes to little things or to by-pass certain steps because you know they’ll notice. I just need someone to make me relate to doing it right the first time instead of my attitude of “oh well you won’t see that cause it’s on the inside”.

Here is the pattern I used and the finished garment. I still have a few fit issues to take care of with this shirt. I made a few adjustments but I am having some fit issues in the bust and in the abdomen area. The bust is too loose and the ab is too tight. After I fix the fit issue on the garment I have to go in and fix them on the pattern so I can then have a basic shirt pattern to work from. Another issue I found was the shoulder is too long and makes me look a little boxy. I’m not sure how to fix this on the garment itself without messing up the sleeve. Also I really don’t want to take the sleeve out again. Other than that I think it came out pretty good.

Finally got him!

So I’ve been interested in Asian Ball Joint Dolls for about a year and have been wanted one. Well this was my month! I finally got my Doll. He’s a Dollzone (company) Hid (doll model). I am very interested in making clothes for him so you’ll probably start seeing him and the various clothes I make for him here in my blog. Okay here he is.

More D.I.Y. madness!

So I wondered around the Goodwill by my house and found this awesome dress/shirt thing. Clearly it was ment for a taller girl because on me it is WAY too short to work as a dress. But I decided it would be a really cute tank top. Since summer is coming fast here in AZ I’ve been trying to get as many cute tops as possible.

So here is the run down of what i did to this dress. First I cut off the sleeve things cause they threw off the look of the top. Then the lacing was too long so I used a bit of it to make spegetti straps. Then I just hemmed the bottom and viola!  Thanks to Havok for assisting my model. 😀

These first four pictures are of the Dress before and the last three are of the tank top.

See the full gallery on Posterous

Wardrobe Revamp

I’ve been meaning to revamp some of my clothes for a while. When your low on funds and you can’t just run out and buy cooler clothes you have to get creative. So I was looking at my jeans and thinking about how I could make them more awesome. I had some black dye lying around so I figured, fuck it, I’ll dye a pair black. I’ve spent the last three days working of making a cool outfit out of the stuff I have on hand. This is what I came up with. I made a pair of my favorite fitting jeans into some awesome black skinny jeans that are super comfy as well as flattering. Viola, from old and busted to new hotness!

Then I had this ugly dress shirt I got at a thrift store years ago when I was a corporate flunky. I always liked the fabric and the cuffs but the shirt itself was just ill fitting no matter what I did to it. Best solution was to just cut it up. So I cut my favorite parts of the shirt and turned them into need “cuff” bracelets and a “collar” choker. A while ago I stumbled upon a tutorial on Thread Banger on how to make spats, I bookmarked it because I knew one day I would want to try to make a pair. Since I had extra fabric from the shirt I decided to try the spats. I added some pyramid studs for extra pazazz to complete the look. From Corporate bitch, to Steam Punk aristocrat!

Tiny Keys

I was wondering around on Etsy when i came accross these cute little keys. All different sizes and shapes I just had to have them. Since I’m venture slowing into the world BJD clothes I thought these keys would be perfect for accessorizing they’re tiny clothes. Also some of then are bigger and can be uded in necklaces and purses. They are so cute!

I took pictures of all of them and then closer ones of the left side, middle, and right side. I also used a penny as size refference to give you an idea of what size they are.