First project-Tailored Shirt

Our first project in my clothing construction class was a tailor shirt with a two piece collar and front panel. I must admit this class is a little below my skill level, I already know 90% of what she teaches us. The reason I’m taking it is one; to get back into the good graces of the financial aid department. Two; to have someone holding me accountable for my work. With a teacher there to judge your work and make you re-do the mistakes your less likely to just say fuck it when it comes to little things or to by-pass certain steps because you know they’ll notice. I just need someone to make me relate to doing it right the first time instead of my attitude of “oh well you won’t see that cause it’s on the inside”.

Here is the pattern I used and the finished garment. I still have a few fit issues to take care of with this shirt. I made a few adjustments but I am having some fit issues in the bust and in the abdomen area. The bust is too loose and the ab is too tight. After I fix the fit issue on the garment I have to go in and fix them on the pattern so I can then have a basic shirt pattern to work from. Another issue I found was the shoulder is too long and makes me look a little boxy. I’m not sure how to fix this on the garment itself without messing up the sleeve. Also I really don’t want to take the sleeve out again. Other than that I think it came out pretty good.