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I’ve been having such a hard time getting this embroidery machine to work for me it was time to enlist some help. Since my Bernina dealer keeps cancelling my software classes I had to opt for self teaching.





After reading both books from cover to cover I’ve gained new knowledge and was able to fix several issues that I was having when stitching out some of my designs. The first book Machine Embroider with Confidence should have been given to me with my embroidery machine! It was just a rehash of all the stuff I had spend the last 8 months researching and finding out on my own.  The second book, Digitizing made easy, was not as comprehensive as I wanted but it was more than helpful with the digitizing process. Again another book I wish I had had months ago when I got my software.  Either way I highly recommend these books for first time machine embroiders!


So I went to Bookmans today to support a friend at an event and while there I started wandering around. I love book stores so I knew I was going to walk away with something. I looked everywhere for the craft section and it just didn’t seem to exist but I knew it was around there somewhere. I ended up checking out the “new age” section. As a former Wiccan I like to see what new Wicca books are out there, even though I already have several books on the subject. One can never have too many books on any subject, I feel. After that I went into the next section and wouldn’t you know there was the craft section. I thought I would never find it. I was only going to get one book, but you know how that goes. I ended up with three. I found this amazing book on textile techniques. It shows you how to do things like tie-die, felting, weaving, and openwork. Honestly the openwork is what sold me on this book. I decided to get the t-shirt book because I’m trying to change up my wardrobe cause it seems all I own is big t-shirts. Maybe I can girlify my clothes a little and have some cuter stuff to wear, now that I have an awesome hair style. I wasn’t going to buy anything but I found the book on Tailoring and just knew it was a must have, since I’m trying to start making clothes. I was to make sure they fit good and look right so tailoring is exactly how to do that.


What are your favorite sewing books? Why would you recommend them?

(Sewing) Feets don’t fail me now!

This blog post makes me want an ipad even more. Oh the things you can learn with the internet. I’m interested in learning more about the different feet I have for my machine now. I know I’m not taking advantage of them the way I could.

CherryPix : SewingPix

A number of ‘feet’ came with my sewing machine (Janome 6260QC) but I really didn’t know what they were for or how to use them… so I went looking for information. Some of what I found is specific to Janome but hopefully users of other brands will pick up something useful.

Janome’s US website has a great range of video tutorials on how to use various feet – they are short and easy to view (you’ll need to disable your pop-up blocker – the videos pop up in a new window).

I also invested in a Kindle version of ‘The Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook’ by Charlene Phillips

which is great for pictorial explanation. I particularly like viewing this type of book via my iPad because I can zoom in on the pictures and really ‘see’ what the foot looks like. The book is very comprehensive, covering the history of attachments (which is…

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