The table runners that just won’t end

So back in February I took a job for 28 table runners for a charity. They requested a discounted rate because it was a charity. I agreed because it was the spouse of one of my regular clients. Unfortunately, I under quoted the time the job would take and ended up in the hole on this huge project. Aside from that my assistant Hannah and myself have had problem after problem with this awful fabric my client bought at SAS Fabrics here in Arizona. They are a warehouse style fabric shop that often has a lot of manufacturer defect or overstock fabric. We first noticed issues with it when we did the first three runners as samples. The fabric is a polyester/rayon heavy satin with huge blue and white stripes running parallel to the lengthwise grain. For the life of me I couldn’t understand why they were bubbling in the middle and not laying flat. We tried every sewing trick I know and some I looked up to try to create the best situation for them to come out flat. It didn’t seem hard since we were just hemming the fabric in a giant rectangle. We pressed it, we starched it, we pinned it, we tried a satin foot, we tried a walking foot. Nothing seemed to work. So finally I decided they were just going to be funky and we just moved on and kept sewing them. Half way though the bolt of 25 yards we noticed that the stripes were not where they were when we started. When the stripes were printed on the fabric they were not straight. It looks like the fabric moved while they printed it and the result was spiral stripes the length of the whole bolt! Since we need to the strips to run the length of the runners and not across the runners, the runners were twisted!! Bubbling problem solved! Ugh I was so irritated about it. It wasn’t anyone fault and you wouldn’t have been able to tell just by looking at the bolt. If we had used to the stripes in the other direction it might not have been an issue but the runners would have looked a little prison-y. Anyway, we’re down to the last one today and I’ll be happy when this job is done and we can start working on costumes.

Here is a picture of the last of the two 40 foot runners we had to do. We had 26 7 foot by 14″ runners and two 40 foot by 14″ runners. Process is: Starch and press, press and pin hem, sew, and press again. 40 FEET OF IT!!!

Inside the Pokeball purse

This is the inside of the Pokeball Purse I make and sell on my etsy store. The picture in the listing is a little out of date. I started adding vinyl piping to the front and back seams to make the bag hold it’s round shape better. Here is what they used to look like before the piping.


Here is the new Pokeball Purse with piping!


So much better looking! But now it’s ridiculously thick. The front piece is two (top half and bottom half) pieces of vinyl sewn together in the middle with the black “button” piece sewing on top. Add the two layers of vinyl for the piping and the side piece. All that makes a seams that is five layers of vinyl!! That’s not including the two layers of cotton lining or the other two layers of red vinyl bias I sew around this raw edge to make it look pretty on the inside.




I could never have done it without my industrial walking foot machine! This badboy right here is my pride and joy! He’s my favorite machine! Shhhh…don’t tell the others!


…and we’re back!

First let me apologize for the long break I’ve taken from updating this blog. At the end of last year my life kind of fell apart and I’ve been slowly putting the pieces back together. I spent several months dealing with severe illness and then the passing of my mother in December. It’s been a very long to get back to my life and my business. I’m not all the way there yet but hopefully I will get there someday. Right now I’m just here, doing the best that I can for today. I have a few exciting projects I’m starting this year. One of which is me getting back into cosplay! I will be attending Phoenix ComicCon this year with some friends as the main characters from Final Fantasy X, the first FF game I’ve ever finished!

Thanks for reading! See ya soon!
WolfChild Designs

Halloween 2015

Here are the Halloween costumes that I had for this year. Punk Rock Thing 1 and Thing 2 from cat in the hat for myself and my assistant Hannah, Custom Princess Tiana sash for a client, Jake from Statefarm embroidery for a client, and Cat ears for my sister and my niece.

IMG_20151030_160123866IMG_20151030_145601038IMG_20151030_175300237_HDR     IMG_20151031_072611693 IMG_20151031_084652169 IMG_20151031_093046429_HDRIMG_20151030_200401923IMG_20151026_135555130_HDR

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SA Curve Ruler Discount!

I want one!

Sew Well

First, thank you to everyone who entered last week’s giveaway for the SACurve Pattern Drafter. The lucky winner is Janet Williams! She’ll be getting the 5/8″ Pattern Drafter, which I hope she’ll find useful for adding seam allowances to patterns without them, adding stitching lines to patterns that already come with 5/8″ seam allowances, and drawing curves with the built-in French curve.

For everyone else who’s still interested in their own Pattern Drafter, you can get 20% off anything in the SACurve Etsy store from now until June 21st using the coupon code SEWWELL2015!

SACurve Curve Runner + Sew Well

And, just a reminder that the Curve Runner Kickstarter is still going on. There are three weeks left, and Curve Runner is well past its initial $1,000 goal and over half way to its $10,000 stretch goal! It’s even been chosen as a Kickstarter staff pick!  Woohoo! I am so excited it’s done…

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