…and we’re back!

First let me apologize for the long break I’ve taken from updating this blog. At the end of last year my life kind of fell apart and I’ve been slowly putting the pieces back together. I spent several months dealing with severe illness and then the passing of my mother in December. It’s been a very long to get back to my life and my business. I’m not all the way there yet but hopefully I will get there someday. Right now I’m just here, doing the best that I can for today. I have a few exciting projects I’m starting this year. One of which is me getting back into cosplay! I will be attending Phoenix ComicCon this year with some friends as the main characters from Final Fantasy X, the first FF game I’ve ever finished!

Thanks for reading! See ya soon!
WolfChild Designs

New years resolution

So my new years resolution is to update my blog once a week and to create one new item a month. I was going to say one new item a week be I feel that’s very unrealistic for me, so at least once a month should be good. I think I might start adding some more personal touches to my blog so my customers can get to know me a little more. I guess that’s the point of a blog in the first place or at least the point of my blog. I think last year facebook stole my will to blog. It seems I spend more time doing that then anything else. I think I should change that habit. Once a week to blog and once a week for facebook. I think that should be enough. Does anyone have any suggestions for content? I think part of my problem is that I’ll make a blog post and then I’ll post a link to it in facebook. Or i’ll post the same thing I blog about in my facebook or other social media. I think maybe I should start blogging about one thing and facebook about something different. Maybe facebook should have the “topic” in a post but my blog would have the “information” about that topic. So there is different kinds of information on both places but they are similar. This all makes more sense in my head than it does once I started writing it out. I feel I might be rambling so maybe I should stop. My point is that this blog is back up and running now. 2014 will be the year of my blog. 

Going strong

So I’ve been keeping my promise of posting at least once a week to my readers. This week I visited Dallas Texas. We we’re thinking about moving there. We went there thinking it might be better than Phoenix but we were wrong. People were not as friendly as we were lead to believe. We couldn’t get anyone to show us a house or anything. It was like pulling teeth to get anything done. Dallas was okay as a city it just wasn’t for us. The best part about our trip was their awesome Fabric District! I’ve never seen so many warehouse fabric stores that could rival that of downtown LA. I really wish Arizona has something like that. As awesome as it was it still wasn’t worth the 16 hour drive. Here are some of the goodies I got.

ImageThis is actually spandex fabric with an argyle print. Not sure what I’m going to do with it but it’s so freaking cute I just had to have a yard of it.


This stuff is also spandex that I don’t know what to do with but it’s really cool looking. Maybe if I reinforce it with some denim I can make a few bags out of it. I also got it in red cause it was that awesome.

ImageThis red/black mesh has already been turned into an awesome bag. At $6 a yard 60inches wide I couldn’t not buy some of this. http://wolfchilddesigns.com/home/product.cfm?pid=1049


John (boyfriend/business partner) loved this fabric. I’m okay with it, it was a little expensive at $23 a yard so I only got half a yard. Again not sure what i’ll do with it but it will be interesting. 😀

So that was my Dallas trip, a little disappointing but at least I got some cool fabric. Until next week.

I didn’t forget about you blog

Okay maybe a little bit, but I’m making up for it by posting right now. I’ve been distracted by trip to Dallas. We leave tomorrow and I had to get my car ready by getting an oil change and what not done to it. We’re going out there to visit and scope it out for possible moving there. 

As you know I’ve been working on Halloween stuff the last few weeks, I have a few more totes done and now have a small drawstring purse done as well. I’ll start posting pictures when i get my new camera sometime next week. Hopefully.

This month is being a little slow, only one order for the Captain America bags that have been so popular the last few months. I wonder their popularity was just because of the Avengers movie coming out or if Captain America is just that popular. I guess time will tell. 

I really haven’t been in the mood to create this week. I’ve had a bit a sewers block. Maybe visiting Dallas and getting out of my little box will help me get creative again. 

Until next week 😀

Keeping my promise

So last week I made a declaration to post a blog entry at least once a week. They may not always be that exciting but I’m going to try and keep my promise to myself and my readers. 

This week brings new products. I decided to try playing with my serger again since it was “fixed” for the second time. I’m still in disbelief that it actually works. I keep waiting for it to start with the skipped stitches and way off tension settings. But to my pleasant surprise it has been working fine. I’ve been wanting to make simple bags out of cotton that I can just serge together and be done with. Finally I’ve been able to do that, so this week I developed a Trick or Treat bag design. I’ve been making about one a day since I started with the pattern last week. These are so easy to make and I cut them out and sew them in about 30mins. 


Monday is my teachers meeting at the Bernina Connection, where I teach sewing classes. I was thinking about teaching this as one of my classes using it as a way to teach sergering techniques. Well I’ll find out on Monday how they like the idea and if they’ll want me to teach it. 

That’s it for this week I hope you enjoy reading my blog. See you all next week.  

New beginings

I’ve been trying to get back to my blogging and keep up with all my social networking. I’m not usually good at remember to post things but I’m getting better. I’ve set up some reminders and will from now on try to start posting once a week. I was even thinking about starting a weekly project where I make something new every week. Kind of like those 365day blogs where someone does something everyday for a year. Well I don’t have that kind of time so I decided to do a weekly thing. I’ll either make something from a current pattern or make something from scratch. The end result should be a project a week for the rest of the year. Starting next week I will be posting a new project that I’ve done that week. I’m excited to see how creative I can get considering the limit time frame. This will be a good challenge for me. Now I’m off to finish some orders and get them ready for shipping tomorrow. 😀