Great way to get rid of gaping without resewing anything. 😀


I have a great knee length stretch denim skirt I have been wearing for yonks (love that word!) and have worried a bit about what I would do when it wore out.  I have a lovely white one as well, but you have to be pretty much in serious summer mode, have the correct size, shape and colour of unmentionables on and be sure the rest of the outfit doesn’t scream “lady golfer!” so it doesn’t get quite the amount of wear the blue one does.   Enter the Zellers selling out sale.  A nice Gloria Vanderbilt denim skirt for a nice cheap price.  Of course, it doesn’t quite fit. *sigh*  But it is close.  Really close.

That darned gap!  After turning it over in hand and mind a few times and working on the pants, I decided to try to fake this one and see if I could get away…

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Finally got him!

So I’ve been interested in Asian Ball Joint Dolls for about a year and have been wanted one. Well this was my month! I finally got my Doll. He’s a Dollzone (company) Hid (doll model). I am very interested in making clothes for him so you’ll probably start seeing him and the various clothes I make for him here in my blog. Okay here he is.

Wardrobe Revamp

I’ve been meaning to revamp some of my clothes for a while. When your low on funds and you can’t just run out and buy cooler clothes you have to get creative. So I was looking at my jeans and thinking about how I could make them more awesome. I had some black dye lying around so I figured, fuck it, I’ll dye a pair black. I’ve spent the last three days working of making a cool outfit out of the stuff I have on hand. This is what I came up with. I made a pair of my favorite fitting jeans into some awesome black skinny jeans that are super comfy as well as flattering. Viola, from old and busted to new hotness!

Then I had this ugly dress shirt I got at a thrift store years ago when I was a corporate flunky. I always liked the fabric and the cuffs but the shirt itself was just ill fitting no matter what I did to it. Best solution was to just cut it up. So I cut my favorite parts of the shirt and turned them into need “cuff” bracelets and a “collar” choker. A while ago I stumbled upon a tutorial on Thread Banger on how to make spats, I bookmarked it because I knew one day I would want to try to make a pair. Since I had extra fabric from the shirt I decided to try the spats. I added some pyramid studs for extra pazazz to complete the look. From Corporate bitch, to Steam Punk aristocrat!