Custom Apron

It is always really interesting to see my customers ideas. This custom apron job came to me via a reference from my mail man. I had done some alterations for him and when he heard someone was looking for a seamstress he recommended me. I love hear how people found me. I get a lot of word of mouth business. This apron was a custom request for the owner of a local barber shop. He’s young and the barber shop is modern and trendy. At first when he said he wan’t leather and rabbit fur I was a little put off by it. But it’s what he wanted and I can work in leather. When he brought me the fabric I wasn’t sure how good it would come out because of the combination of fabrics. But when you do custom work, you do what the customer wants and curb your own style. The only time I ever nah-say a customers ideas is when it’s more difficult to construct or there might be construction issues. However, it’s more of an advisory regarding extra cost for a longer sewing time or some construction issue like two fabrics not being able to be sewn together because it might be too bulky or unappealing to the eye. This was one of those situations. I was concerned about the thickness of the leather suede material and the rabbit fur pockets. It was tricky and I advise him that lining the rabbit fur pockets with another layer of rabbit fur would be thick. Which is was, but it wasn’t impossible to sew. I was able to make it work. He wanted it to be black and red. I had some thin pig suede lying around so I added the red stripe to the top, the pockets, and the bottom. Just to break up the black a little. It came out a lot better than I thought it would. I still have mixed feelings about the rabbit fur pockets. For one, I had a moment while sewing them, when I thought about what it was I was really working with. It made me very sad when I thought about all the bunnies that died for these pockets. I don’t think I want to work in real fur anymore. But other than that this outrageous idea came out better than I thought it would and I actually like it. #arizona #contractsewing #mesa #seamstressproblems  #seamtress #sewing #wolfchilddesigns


School time

This semester I’m taking Pattern drafting and Clothing Construction. Two very different classes. I was taught how to sew on industrial sewing machines and in the way of the industry, I never learned home sewing techniques. The way I do things is how they do them in the industry and that makes sewing by commercial patterns very frustrating. They often have unnecessary steps that just get in the way of the process. However, in my Clothing construction class I absolutely have to follow these steps because that’s what the teacher wants.  I guess its good for me to learn different ways to do things no matter how frustrating they are. As for my Pattern Drafting class, it’s all about measurements, which makes sense, if your measurements are off even by half an inch your whole pattern will be wrong. So far my bodice draft is off by a lot and I’ve spent many hours trying to figure out which measurement could be wrong. It’s just hard to get good measurements when you have people measuring each other when they don’t have a clue as to what their doing. Now I have to re-measure and re-draft. The repetition is good, but frustrating. I can’t wait until I can draft my own clothes then all this hard work will be well worth it. 😀