Embroidering on a different place

Most people come to me with shirts or jackets or the occasional blanket to embroider. Yesterday I got this rush job from a repeat client I did 40 shirts for sometime ago. These are some industrial work aprons for some of his worker. They need to go out first thing tomorrow so I’m here at my shop getting these done. It took a bit of creative finagling to get this particular apron into my embroidery machine. I really didn’t want to have to make a patch for them. I settled on using the ever amazing Fast Frames System! This awesome hooping system has saved my life multiple times! I was lucky enough to get them with my machine. They are great for tricky, hard to hoop items. Basically it tricks your embroidery machine into think that the largest hoop is in the machine. Then it has smaller centered attachments of varying size to hoop the items.

However, even with the fast frames system I still ended up having to open one side of the pocket I was trying to embroider on. I couldn’t find the middle size hoop attachment so I had to use the larger one, which was just a little too bit for the pocket to move freely while embroidering.

Here is pictures of the process of making these for Autobahn Tint AZ

The digitized file for Autobahn
I ended up having to open one side of the pocket stitching
All clipped to the Fast Frames hoop
Completed Autobahn Embroidery
All three Autobahn embroidered aprons


New connections

So my business partner John has been pushing me to do Christmas stockings. I didn’t care to do them at first, but I think there is a real market there. I started making them with MY flare. I made a few out of vinyl and some with funky designs. Well, he decided to have me make one out of leather and take it down to this local leather shop. We just had a meeting with the owner of Joeta’s Leather, she was super nice. I had spent the last week trying to get some leather stuff made to show her. Got some purses, stockings, bracelets and other stuff made and she loved all of it. I was hoping she would put my stuff in her store, however she had others ideas. When she saw that I could do embroidery on the leather she got super excited because she gets tons of requests for custom embroidery all the time. She’s going to refer me embroidery work now. I’m pretty excited. She’s a big name in the biker scene and has lots of connections. She said she could keep me in business with the amount of embroidery stuff she can throw my way. She also invited me to vend for free at one of the biggest biker events in Arizona. I’m super stoked, but a little stressed out cause I’ve still got lots of other stuff to do. Well I guess I better get back to work. 

Joeta’s leather

Halloween hair clips

So as you know I was using my new embroidery machine to stitch out some cute little hair clips. It started with a pumpkin and went from there. Here are the finished products.


Available for purchase here:


New embroidery design

I probably spent about 6 or so hours digitizing this pattern. I took the top left rose that was a design already in my software and mirrored it. Then copied just the flower and some of the petals, shrank it and rotated it to make the center flower. That’s pretty easy right? Wrong, there were jump stitches EVERYWHERE! I spent the majority of the time on this reorganizing the pieces of the flowers so that I would get the least amount of jump stitches possible. It was hard because each tiny line of the flower was a separate object. Trying to figure out how to reorganize them was a pain in the ass for sure. But once I figured it it was easy to see what needed to be done. This is the biggest design I’ve ever done the whole thing is one color,  35,112 stitches which took 78mins to stitch out but it came out perfect on my first try. I’m so excited that I’m getting better at digitizing and embroidery in general. 




New pumpkin hair clippies!

Sorry I missed a week. I’ve been working on a few new projects trying to get ready for Halloween. Trying to learn more about my embroidery machine. So here is the first look at the beginnings of my Pumpkin hair clips. I took some felt and am going to cut around them and sewing them to a backing piece so I can add a little stuffing then glue/sew them onto a clip. They’re going to be so freaking cute when they are done!