…and we’re back!

First let me apologize for the long break I’ve taken from updating this blog. At the end of last year my life kind of fell apart and I’ve been slowly putting the pieces back together. I spent several months dealing with severe illness and then the passing of my mother in December. It’s been a very long to get back to my life and my business. I’m not all the way there yet but hopefully I will get there someday. Right now I’m just here, doing the best that I can for today. I have a few exciting projects I’m starting this year. One of which is me getting back into cosplay! I will be attending Phoenix ComicCon this year with some friends as the main characters from Final Fantasy X, the first FF game I’ve ever finished!

Thanks for reading! See ya soon!
WolfChild Designs

Going strong

So I’ve been keeping my promise of posting at least once a week to my readers. This week I visited Dallas Texas. We we’re thinking about moving there. We went there thinking it might be better than Phoenix but we were wrong. People were not as friendly as we were lead to believe. We couldn’t get anyone to show us a house or anything. It was like pulling teeth to get anything done. Dallas was okay as a city it just wasn’t for us. The best part about our trip was their awesome Fabric District! I’ve never seen so many warehouse fabric stores that could rival that of downtown LA. I really wish Arizona has something like that. As awesome as it was it still wasn’t worth the 16 hour drive. Here are some of the goodies I got.

ImageThis is actually spandex fabric with an argyle print. Not sure what I’m going to do with it but it’s so freaking cute I just had to have a yard of it.


This stuff is also spandex that I don’t know what to do with but it’s really cool looking. Maybe if I reinforce it with some denim I can make a few bags out of it. I also got it in red cause it was that awesome.

ImageThis red/black mesh has already been turned into an awesome bag. At $6 a yard 60inches wide I couldn’t not buy some of this. http://wolfchilddesigns.com/home/product.cfm?pid=1049


John (boyfriend/business partner) loved this fabric. I’m okay with it, it was a little expensive at $23 a yard so I only got half a yard. Again not sure what i’ll do with it but it will be interesting. 😀

So that was my Dallas trip, a little disappointing but at least I got some cool fabric. Until next week.

Same old, Same old

So I’ve been making nothing but pokeball backpacks since I had the idea for the first one. They are extremely popular. I’ve made  2-6 a month for the last few months. I think that’s awesome that they are so popular, but no one has been ordering anything else in my store. All my original designs have gone unsold,  but the pokeball backpack is also an original design. I didn’t think they’d be so popular. I’ve had other anime inspired ideas that I haven’t been able to work on because I’m busy making pokeballs. I’ve been thinking that maybe I should put them on hold and stop selling them for a while. Then bring them back as a special limited time offer later. I’m feeling a lot like a band that is tired of playing that radio hit because they’ve played it way too many times. However, it’s hard to stop making them when they’re the only thing selling at the moment and I really need the money. What to do, what to do, hmm…

Pending Project

So I was cleaning up my apartment, specifically my sewing area and I realized I have too many unfinished projects. I really should get them all done. The problem for most of them is they’re still in the “design”. Most of them are bags that have been cut out already and have the main body ready to go, it’s just the little details that are elusive. Like what I should add to make it pop or give it that “WolfChild” flare. So this week I pulled out a few of them and just started doing the little things that need to be done with them like cutting out linings and sewing tags and pockets. All in the hope that that creative spark will fire and I’ll be able to finish them soon. I was able to finish two of them so far but my goal is to get my whole pending project drawer empty by the end of the year. I’ll keep you posted how it goes. Keep an eye on my store for new products.

New supplies, new ideas!

Hey people so I just got some new supplies that I ordered now I can work on some of my new bag ideas. I got small snaphooks so I can make better wristlets/coin purses. I also picked up some 1 inche black webbing for my bags. I already have 1 1/2 inch and 2″ but those are not always the right size for what I need so I decided to get a smaller size. I think this webbing will be perfect for my smaller backpacks. Another product I just ventured into was pyramid spikes. I had got some in 1/2 inch size and those work so well I decided to get the smaller 1/4 inch size too for bracelets and decoration. I can’t wait to start using my new stuff in my designs! Here are some pics of the new supplies 😀

Webbing & snaphooks purchased at CountryBrook Designs

Pyramid studs purchased at Spikes and Leather

The pains of sewing

I just spent the last two days trying to get this zipper pocket sewn into a backpack. The fabric was stretchy so it kept ending up long than the zipper. Then my machine kept messing up and i kept having to tweek it here & there. Finally i get it working and i put the zipper facing the wrong way, not backward or anything, just its right handed now and i specifically wanted it left handed! Needless to say im not going to redo it over something like that it lookes fine ill just have to open it from the other way is all. Oh the joy of sewing!