Rising Sun Coin Purse

After being so moved by all the people donating, since I have limited funds myself, I decided to make purses with Japanese themes and sell them to donate 50% of the proceeds. This coin purse is the first of many I’m going to make to contribute to one of the worst disasters in all the world. The Rising Sun insignia was draw freehand to make a pattern piece that was then cut out in this bright red vinyl. Since most of my work is gothic or rock theme, I felt this should be no different. I will also be making them with white backrounds but this was my first idea.

I’ve always loved Japan and have spent the last 5 years of my life studing the language. Most of the music I listen to currently is Japanese rock music. Everything from Gackt and Buck-Tick, to X-Japan and An Cafe. One day I hope to visit Japan and maybe live there.

With that in mind it only seemed fitting for me to venture into making Japanese themed or style bags. I’ve been working on doing some Anime inspired bags, but hadn’t yet gone into making anything else that was Japan specific. It’s unfortunate that I should get inspiration from such tragity. I wanted to donate something to the people of Japan, and since I don’t have money all I can offer is my sewing skills. I don’t really have a number goal in mind but I will be selling these bags and collecting the money to send to Japan. It’s the least this one person can do. It also gives people something tangible to show their support.

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*NEW* Pink vinyl coffin clutch!

I designed this coffin clutch a few months ago when i noticed there was only ONE coffin clutch design in all of the Gothic underworld. I worked up the prototype and made it for a friend who test drove it for me. I recently was inspired to revist the clutch this week and prefected the design. I was also inspired to make something bright and punky in this normally dark and morbid shape. I have big plans for this clutch, it will become one of my staple designs like my coin purses and my totes. Without further ado here is my most recently made Coffin Clutch. This clutch is on sale now in my Etsy store!

*this bag looks a hundred times better in person and I tried every which way to make it look good but this fabric is too reflective to take decent pictures of without an professional photographer. 😀

*NEW* Teal Metallic Choker w/studs!

Was feeling really productive yesterday after weeks of not being in the mood to even look at my sewing machine. I finished a clutch that I started two weeks ago and made two new chokers. Here is the second choker I made. I used a gorgeous mettalic teal colored vinyl. I love this fabric and the single yard I purchased over 5 years ago is still going strong. This will also be up on my Etsy store

*NEW* Blue Leopard faux fur choker!

My latest creation that I just made today. I love this fabric so much it inspired me to make this awesome coker! I purchased these awesome metal pyramid studs about a month ago and have been dying to use them. Here it is WolfChild Design’s first coker! Hope you enjoy it! It’s currently up for sale on my Etsy site!

Punk leopard P.O.S.

Okay so here is the latest from WolfChild Designs. Another Pocket On A String (P.O.S.) this time with a punky animal print theme. Main fabric is a grey/black leopard print foax fur. The lining is made with a plan black cotton. A blue leopard pring foax fur fabric was used for the cell/mp3/kay pockets inside. A large pocket is adjsent with a pink vinyl strip for destinction. A zipper at the top keeps your stuff safe. This is the first of my P.O.S.’s to feature a convertable strap design. The strap is connected at two small d-rings with snap hooks at either end of the strap. Dont like accross the shoulder strap? No problem, simply remove the strap and thread your favorite belt though the build in & ever stlyish belt loops.

The pains of sewing

I just spent the last two days trying to get this zipper pocket sewn into a backpack. The fabric was stretchy so it kept ending up long than the zipper. Then my machine kept messing up and i kept having to tweek it here & there. Finally i get it working and i put the zipper facing the wrong way, not backward or anything, just its right handed now and i specifically wanted it left handed! Needless to say im not going to redo it over something like that it lookes fine ill just have to open it from the other way is all. Oh the joy of sewing!

New projects

It’s been along time since I’ve posted my work up on my blogs. I’ve wondered off for a while. But I’ll be posting more stuff soon. I have a new project that I’ve been working on for an upcoming Anime convention. I’m making some anime inspired backpacks, messanger bags, coin purses, and wallets. Right now I’m working on some stuff for the anime Bleach. Here is a little peak at what I have so far. These are inspired by the 13 court gaurd squad captains.



Costume: “Freyr” Source: Anime Show “Detective Loki”

This costume was made for my friend Devon for Anime Expo 2006. I used nylon/polyester fabric for the main body of the costume, trimming it in gray cotton bias binding. The cape is cotton the bottom design is appliqued on the main piece. Unfortunately I was rushing and didn’t get pictures of the process. But you can see how it looked on Devon compared to the picture of the character.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The color difference in the charters outfit in the pictures was Devon’s choice of fabric. This picture of the Character is not 100% accurate but it was the closest we could find. The actual color of the character’s main outfit fabric is more like the color Devon is wearing.

Costume: “Olette” Source: Video Game “Kindom Hearts 2”

This costume was also made for my friend Devon for Anime Expo 2006, unfortunatly I didn’t get any pictures of her in it. It was made with cotton fabric. The top fabric was originally white and I dyed it orange, then I appliqued the flowers on the shirt using the same white fabric. The pants are double layered yellow cotton. All the jewerly for this outfit was made by hand by me. The braclet is clay beads I shaped by hand and then painted. The necklet was easier, just a chain I already had and a glass bead.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket