Unexpected Hiatus

I’ve been gone for too long from this blog. It started last year when I started having health issues. The doctors are still not one hundred percent on what’s wrong but they have settled on Anxiety Attacks. Back in 2015, I got a concussion while skating in a Roller Derby game in Vagas. A month later I started having paralytic episodes where I couldn’t move or talk and sometimes would shake uncontrollably. These happened on and off for most of 2015 and into 2016. The end of 2015 took my mother from me so the beginning of 2016 was extra hard. Finally, it seemed like I was getting better from these episodes despite the stress I was experiencing. It seemed that the medication they were giving me was the cure. However, I was mistaken, the meds started causing more harm than good by the middle of last year and I ended up having to shut down my whole business completely. I could barely take care of myself in my home. I couldn’t leave the house for the most part and I thought my life was over. The episodes had not only come back but were much worse and more frequent than before. Towards the end of last year, around September, I finally figured out that it was all the medication they were giving me. Once, I started weaning myself off it, I started to feel better. Slowly over the last six months, I’ve been getting better, getting back to myself again.  This month I was finally able to open my business back up and am back to a short but regular work schedule. I’m even back to roller derby.

Unfortunately, I still have several other health issues I am working out still, but none are completely debilitating. I’m glad to finally have my health under control and be back to doing what I love, Sewing!

Thank you,

Angela Perez

WolfChild Designs


I find myself putting off a lot of things that need to get done, all the time, it’s simply because I don’t want to do them. I often have to force myself to start projects, clean my house, or even feed myself. It’s not fun when I don’t feel like doing anything. Something I started doing last year was telling myself “you don’t have to finish it, just start…” It works for the most part because my problem is starting things. However, I find that once I’ve started something I’ll keep doing it until it’s done. Very rarely do I stop in the middle and say fuck it, I’m done with this. I came across an article today that has encouraged me to continue my simple habit in a new way since “just start” stopped working for me. This article which I have linked below is about taking two minutes to do something. Seeing what you can do in two minutes, and starting to do something for two minutes. Doing something for two minutes will make you see how easy it is to get little things done quickly and start bigger things. 

A few years ago I started playing Roller Derby as a hobby since I love roller skating. Well we play the game in Two minute increments called Jams. One thing we always say to each other when we’re practice and it’s hard or we don’t want to start a drill is “you can do anything for two minutes” this has always stuck with me. When you think about it, it’s very true. Try to think of something so horrible you couldn’t even last two minutes doing it. I think I could be tortured for two minutes and be okay. That’s a bit drastic but sometimes things we “have” to do feel like torture so that analogy makes sense. I’m going to start setting a timer for things I need to do (like the dishes) and see how much I can get done in two minutes or see what I can work on for two minutes that may lead to finished something. I’m very excited for this and I’m glad I came across that article this morning I needed a reminder of how simple life can be. 


New years resolution

So my new years resolution is to update my blog once a week and to create one new item a month. I was going to say one new item a week be I feel that’s very unrealistic for me, so at least once a month should be good. I think I might start adding some more personal touches to my blog so my customers can get to know me a little more. I guess that’s the point of a blog in the first place or at least the point of my blog. I think last year facebook stole my will to blog. It seems I spend more time doing that then anything else. I think I should change that habit. Once a week to blog and once a week for facebook. I think that should be enough. Does anyone have any suggestions for content? I think part of my problem is that I’ll make a blog post and then I’ll post a link to it in facebook. Or i’ll post the same thing I blog about in my facebook or other social media. I think maybe I should start blogging about one thing and facebook about something different. Maybe facebook should have the “topic” in a post but my blog would have the “information” about that topic. So there is different kinds of information on both places but they are similar. This all makes more sense in my head than it does once I started writing it out. I feel I might be rambling so maybe I should stop. My point is that this blog is back up and running now. 2014 will be the year of my blog.