School time

This semester I’m taking Pattern drafting and Clothing Construction. Two very different classes. I was taught how to sew on industrial sewing machines and in the way of the industry, I never learned home sewing techniques. The way I do things is how they do them in the industry and that makes sewing by commercial patterns very frustrating. They often have unnecessary steps that just get in the way of the process. However, in my Clothing construction class I absolutely have to follow these steps because that’s what the teacher wants.  I guess its good for me to learn different ways to do things no matter how frustrating they are. As for my Pattern Drafting class, it’s all about measurements, which makes sense, if your measurements are off even by half an inch your whole pattern will be wrong. So far my bodice draft is off by a lot and I’ve spent many hours trying to figure out which measurement could be wrong. It’s just hard to get good measurements when you have people measuring each other when they don’t have a clue as to what their doing. Now I have to re-measure and re-draft. The repetition is good, but frustrating. I can’t wait until I can draft my own clothes then all this hard work will be well worth it. 😀