The Arm-Adillo Pencil Case for Artists

This little thing is so cute I love it. I want to support them but I know I could make it myself.

Day 366: The End? Dress


This is my final post of my year-long project (it’s a leap year y’all).   🙂

I don’t form emotional attachments with clothing.  Clothes are fun, but ultimately they’re merely things.  Objects have never held much value for me.  I instead value experiences.   That’s one of the reasons why giving away everything I’ve made this year hasn’t been particularly hard for me.

But then there’s this dress.

You’re looking at what would have been my wedding dress…except that didn’t happen.  This was what I would have worn on a day that would have changed my life forever…except that didn’t happen.  This was the dress that would have said, “See…I’m fully capable of maintaining an adult relationship for the long haul.”…except that didn’t happen.  :/

I kept the dress.  I didn’t know what to do with it.  It went from being something I loved to something…

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