Great way to get rid of gaping without resewing anything. 😀


I have a great knee length stretch denim skirt I have been wearing for yonks (love that word!) and have worried a bit about what I would do when it wore out.  I have a lovely white one as well, but you have to be pretty much in serious summer mode, have the correct size, shape and colour of unmentionables on and be sure the rest of the outfit doesn’t scream “lady golfer!” so it doesn’t get quite the amount of wear the blue one does.   Enter the Zellers selling out sale.  A nice Gloria Vanderbilt denim skirt for a nice cheap price.  Of course, it doesn’t quite fit. *sigh*  But it is close.  Really close.

That darned gap!  After turning it over in hand and mind a few times and working on the pants, I decided to try to fake this one and see if I could get away…

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