Kerfuffle with a ruffle. Another less than stellar sewing day.

This is exactly what happened to me when I tried to use a ruffler foot.


We all have difficult days and days when things just don’t go the way we had planned.  One day is fine.  Two in a row is getting a bit frustrating!  I did quite a few trials of my organza with the ruffler.  I had never used one before because they are rather terrifying to look at:

And because years of sewing square dance costumes in my younger days made me swear off doing anything ruffly ever again, ever.  Buuuuut…here we are and ruffles are required.  So think of it as a new challenge, a new start and use this wonderful piece of machinery to make it all go so easily!  Not so fast…

It started out quite well.  Well enough to take an in-progress photo:

That’s about 1/45th of the ruffle done.  I should not have rushed to assume it would end well.  After this there were the stops because…

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