Inside the Pokeball purse

This is the inside of the Pokeball Purse I make and sell on my etsy store. The picture in the listing is a little out of date. I started adding vinyl piping to the front and back seams to make the bag hold it’s round shape better. Here is what they used to look like before the piping.


Here is the new Pokeball Purse with piping!


So much better looking! But now it’s ridiculously thick. The front piece is two (top half and bottom half) pieces of vinyl sewn together in the middle with the black “button” piece sewing on top. Add the two layers of vinyl for the piping and the side piece. All that makes a seams that is five layers of vinyl!! That’s not including the two layers of cotton lining or the other two layers of red vinyl bias I sew around this raw edge to make it look pretty on the inside.




I could never have done it without my industrial walking foot machine! This badboy right here is my pride and joy! He’s my favorite machine! Shhhh…don’t tell the others!



…and we’re back!

First let me apologize for the long break I’ve taken from updating this blog. At the end of last year my life kind of fell apart and I’ve been slowly putting the pieces back together. I spent several months dealing with severe illness and then the passing of my mother in December. It’s been a very long to get back to my life and my business. I’m not all the way there yet but hopefully I will get there someday. Right now I’m just here, doing the best that I can for today. I have a few exciting projects I’m starting this year. One of which is me getting back into cosplay! I will be attending Phoenix ComicCon this year with some friends as the main characters from Final Fantasy X, the first FF game I’ve ever finished!

Thanks for reading! See ya soon!
WolfChild Designs

Continued effort to get organization.

So since Organization is kind of my theme for this year I decided to make myself a portfolio for my calendar and notepad. I made one a few years ago for my business partner and he love his. I’ve been on the look out for a portfolio for myself. Mainly because it was a lot of work to make the first one for my business partner and the design of it wasn’t quite right for what I needed. I’m left handed and the one I made was right handed. Not only that but I needed to add a place for my notebook and a larger pocket to hold my tablet or any books I might need. You can see have designing a whole new portfolio was a daunting task. So I just waiting and tried to see if I could find something in the stores so I wouldn’t have to make it myself. Well, after almost a year of searching for the “right portfolio” I realized they’re all designed for right handed people with no option for a left handed writing situation. In every single portfolio I’ve come across the slot for the pad of paper or calendar is on the right and the misc. pockets for pens and what not are on the left. This was very frustrating. So I gave in and finally design a portfolio specifically for me and my needs. I took some time and thought about what kind of pockets I needed and where they should be placed. After that I came up with the pattern idea. Last night around 11pm I couldn’t sleep and wasn’t tired and was suddenly inspired (or rather tired of not having a portfolio) that I just set out and started working it. Before I knew it it was 3:30am and I was done. Here is my newest creation my business portfolio. 










New years resolution

So my new years resolution is to update my blog once a week and to create one new item a month. I was going to say one new item a week be I feel that’s very unrealistic for me, so at least once a month should be good. I think I might start adding some more personal touches to my blog so my customers can get to know me a little more. I guess that’s the point of a blog in the first place or at least the point of my blog. I think last year facebook stole my will to blog. It seems I spend more time doing that then anything else. I think I should change that habit. Once a week to blog and once a week for facebook. I think that should be enough. Does anyone have any suggestions for content? I think part of my problem is that I’ll make a blog post and then I’ll post a link to it in facebook. Or i’ll post the same thing I blog about in my facebook or other social media. I think maybe I should start blogging about one thing and facebook about something different. Maybe facebook should have the “topic” in a post but my blog would have the “information” about that topic. So there is different kinds of information on both places but they are similar. This all makes more sense in my head than it does once I started writing it out. I feel I might be rambling so maybe I should stop. My point is that this blog is back up and running now. 2014 will be the year of my blog. 

New connections

So my business partner John has been pushing me to do Christmas stockings. I didn’t care to do them at first, but I think there is a real market there. I started making them with MY flare. I made a few out of vinyl and some with funky designs. Well, he decided to have me make one out of leather and take it down to this local leather shop. We just had a meeting with the owner of Joeta’s Leather, she was super nice. I had spent the last week trying to get some leather stuff made to show her. Got some purses, stockings, bracelets and other stuff made and she loved all of it. I was hoping she would put my stuff in her store, however she had others ideas. When she saw that I could do embroidery on the leather she got super excited because she gets tons of requests for custom embroidery all the time. She’s going to refer me embroidery work now. I’m pretty excited. She’s a big name in the biker scene and has lots of connections. She said she could keep me in business with the amount of embroidery stuff she can throw my way. She also invited me to vend for free at one of the biggest biker events in Arizona. I’m super stoked, but a little stressed out cause I’ve still got lots of other stuff to do. Well I guess I better get back to work. 

Joeta’s leather

What the hell!?

Okay so this was my second attempt at this custom logo for a customer. This happened in two places last time. I went in and fixed the design as best I could but there was still an odd line I couldn’t get rid of. That line turned into that gap when I stitch it out. I was so frustrated because I knew it had to do with my digitizing.  I read thought the book I got “Digitizing made easy”. There was a section on stitch length that really help. Plus I went in and changed my start/stop positions and that eliminated the weird line (gap) problem. I didn’t bother finishing the design once I saw the gap. Why waste thread and time.


New books

I’ve been having such a hard time getting this embroidery machine to work for me it was time to enlist some help. Since my Bernina dealer keeps cancelling my software classes I had to opt for self teaching.





After reading both books from cover to cover I’ve gained new knowledge and was able to fix several issues that I was having when stitching out some of my designs. The first book Machine Embroider with Confidence should have been given to me with my embroidery machine! It was just a rehash of all the stuff I had spend the last 8 months researching and finding out on my own.  The second book, Digitizing made easy, was not as comprehensive as I wanted but it was more than helpful with the digitizing process. Again another book I wish I had had months ago when I got my software.  Either way I highly recommend these books for first time machine embroiders!